Absolute yumminess AKA Paleo Pad Thai

July 13, 2012

It isn’t the quickest meal to make but it is by far one of the family’s favorites! Pad Thai uses noodles as the base but because I follow a Paleo lifestyle I don’t do noodles. Instead of noodles, the base is veggies!! I don’t follow recipes to the “T” but I follow the basic premise. The recipes that I follow can be found here and here.

You start out by cooking the chicken in some coconut oil

Then you can either put the chicken in a bowl to the side and cook veggies in drippings or use a separate pan. I like to use a separate pan to make sure I get a good coating of Sunshine sauce on the veggies.

I shred carrots and zucchini and dice onions. Let the veggies sweat a little in some coconut oil. Then, I take the Sunshine sauce AKA “liquid yumminess” and split between the two pans. Fold the sauce into the veggies and chicken so that you get a good coating. Take the chicken and fold into the veggies. Once everything is mixed together well, put it on a plate, garnish with green onions and some nuts. Yummalicious!


One comment

  1. That sure looks and sounds tasty ! . -Uncle Nate

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