Finding what you need to propel you forward

December 7, 2012

stack of weights

Sometimes all you need is a good day in the gym.

The journey of becoming a better person is about making progress.  My journey has been about weight loss and getting healthy and it hasn’t been easy. There are obstacles that get in the way and some you place in your way. But the big picture is about making ANY progress.

At Crossfit this week we tested our 1RM on deadlifts. I haven’t tested out since April so I was excited to see how much stronger I’ve gotten. I decided not to do any math and just keep adding plates to the bar. Before I realized the bar was feeling really heavy and I started to fail. I knew that I was probably at or close to my max. One last attempt got me to a 250lb deadlift!! It was 40lbs heavier than I had done in April. Wow! Yup, that will lift your mood and give you the much-needed ego boost you need to propel you forward.

Sometimes all you need is a good day in the gym.

Progress is about forward movement. It comes in many forms and each step is equally important to the next. I get so caught up in progress on the scale that I forget that I started this journey to become healthier as well as to lose weight. February will mark the end of my first year into this process. It hasn’t been easy but I haven’t given up.

So as you think about where you want to be, remember where you were and how far you’ve come. Every step towards your goal is putting you in the right direction. The only way you’ll fail is if you give up and you’re too important to stop now!

Ciao bella


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